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Welcome to the 2022-2023 A/E/C employer Post COVID Survey.


  • Want to know what the A/E/C industry is doing with work from home vs returning to the office?

  • See the tools the A/E/C industry uses to find and hire top talent in this economy.

  • Hiring practices that are working and outlining those that are not working.

  • Are salaries increasing industry-wide? Are your offers going to be competitive with the market?

  • What positions are the hardest to hire for in the A/E/C industry?

    and so much more industry data collected.

Your participation guarantees you a FREE copy of the details and compilation of the survey when it is concluded. You will receive a detailed breakdown of all of these facts and so many more. All surveys are anonymous, we only gather emails for the purposes of verification and where to send the report when it is ready.

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SAMPLE data collected as of 5/18/2022*

41% of respondents- "We are a hybrid office, we allow employees to work remotely regularly but require in the office working on set days of the week"

6% of respondents- "We are 100% remote, fully flexible, meetings are conducted routinely in a virtual environment."

51% of respondents- "We require employees in the office 100% of the time."

*% based on responses received as of 5/18/2022 survey invitation to 4583 A/E/C firms across the U.S.

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