San Francisco County Transportation Authority

San Francisco County Transportation Authority 

Our mission is to make travel safer, healthier, and easier for all. We plan, fund, and deliver transportation projects to improve travel choices for residents, commuters, and visitors throughout San Francisco.

Our agency is governed by a board consisting of the 11 members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, sitting as Transportation Authority board members.

Plan | We lead a range of transportation planning efforts for San Francisco

As San Francisco’s congestion management agency, we monitor travel activity on our streets and adopt plans for reducing traffic congestion, including the Treasure Island Transportation Program. We lead long-range planning to establish San Francisco’s priorities for Plan Bay Area, the region’s transportation, land-use, and housing plan, as well as local efforts like the Alemany Interchange Improvement Study.

Fund | We fund projects to improve transit, reduce congestion, and increase street safety

We direct millions of dollars annually to projects large and small—from street lights to the Salesforce Transit Center—with funding from San Francisco's Prop K half-cent sales tax for transportation and other sources. We oversee project implementation as our partner agencies like SFMTA, SF Public Works, and BART use this funding to improve transportation across the city.

Deliver | We deliver major capital projects

We lead major capital projects like the Folsom Street Off-Ramp Realignment Project and the Yerba Buena Island on- and off-ramps.