Product Comparison

Comparing 90-Day STANDARD vs. FEATURED-Money Back Job Postings:

Features 90 Day STANDARD 90 Day FEATURED
✔ Directly attract top A/E/C talent
✔ Leverage multiple media channels
✔ Upgraded to a featured company on the landing page
✔ Promote job to the A/E/C professional network
✔ Customized marketing for passive & active seekers
✔ Dedicated team review for optimized posting
✔ Courtesy repost if still hiring
Additional Features 90 Day STANDARD 90 Day FEATURED
Personalized one-on-one support  
Phone and SMS services for more direct reach  
Money-back guarantee for added peace of mind  
Why the price difference?    

The price variation accounts for personalized one-on-one support in the FEATURED posting. This tailored approach provides a higher level of assistance. Our team will reach out directly to our network, marketing your job to passive and active job seekers while gathering referrals.



The inclusion of a money-back guarantee in the FEATURED posting further justifies the price difference, offering added confidence to employers.


Whether you choose STANDARD or FEATURED, both options cater to different preferences and needs in your A/E/C hiring process, ensuring you can connect with the right talent for your team.