Hill West Architects LLP

Hill West is an industry-leading architecture firm renowned for creating inspirational towers that grace the New York City skyline.

Our team of over 100 talented professionals deliver excellence in the design of high-rise residential and hospitality buildings, retail and office structures and multi-use complexes. We have the vision and skills necessary to create bold solutions that respond to the urban environment. We are market sensitive, pragmatic and attuned to the forces that drive successful development.

Our task as designers is to integrate creativity, context, history, culture, environment, and inspiration with our expertise, resulting in developments that are greater than the sum of their parts. We strive to create buildings that are efficient and beautiful, contextual yet fresh, timeless yet reflective of the present moment.

We collaborate with our affiliated interiors firm, Whitehall to create integrated buildings that are thoughtfully designed on both the interior and exterior.

Our work enhances the evolving New York City skyline. We approach each project with a fresh canvas and an open mind to create something beautiful.