Jan 01, 2022

Sr. Education Project Manager

  • FCC
  • Orange County, CA, USA
Full time Architecture

Job Description

Minimum Requirements

  • Education:  Architectural degree from an accredited university or equivalent demonstrated proficiency.
  • Experience:  Minimum of 7 years’ experience in production and coordination of design documents in all phases of an architectural project; minimum 5-8 years coordinating with state, county, and local governing agencies that have oversight on a project; Architectural License strongly recommended.
  • Software: Microsoft Office Suite Products (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, etc.) or demonstrated equivalent and proficiency; AutoCAD & Revit production software.


  • Establish productive working relationships, and listen, communicate, deal effectively and cooperatively with clients, team members, consultants, and government agencies.
  • Asks questions to Principal in Charge about assignments when unclear.
  • Coordinate with team members and consultants to resolve conflicts and discrepancies during the course of a project.
  • Ability to apprise supervisor and client for status of work.
  • Display willingness to make decisions; exhibit sound and accurate judgment; support and explain reasoning for decisions; include appropriate people in decision-making process to make timely decisions.
  • Resolve issues related to team members and consultants.
  • Collaborate with appropriate staff to meet goals and objectives of project.
  • Coach, mentor, and provide performance-enhancing feedback of assigned team members.
  • Ability to professionally communicate and delegate respectfully both verbally and in writing to give assignments to office support staff, consultants, and vendors.
  • Support senior project manager and/or Principal in supervision and delegation of work.
  • Be primary source for monitoring employee performance on a daily basis and take appropriate action to report both positive and areas of improvement performance.
  • Coordinate with Principal to assist and/or prepare staff evaluations and meet with their personnel (as requested) to discuss the evaluation. 
  • Supervise and manage up to six team members for all phases of projects.
  • Write meeting minutes, AFO’s, change orders, RFI responses, and professional correspondence for self-managed projects.
  • Ability to develop, monitor, and adjust project schedules.
  • Ability to correspond and document effectively with agencies, consultants, and clients.
  • Assist in review of scope of work and agreements with consultant are in alignment with project objectives.
  • Write RFP’S and negotiate contracts and fees with clients and consultants as directed and supervised by the Principal in Charge.
  • Ability to write and edit specifications.

Business Development

  • Always be professional and respectful in interactions with clients, consultants, staff, and firm leadership.
  • Have a support role in marketing for new work, interviews and writing marketing proposals as directed by a Principal or other firm leader.
  • Maintain primary contact with client and have excellent follow-through with client to help get repeat work.
  • Participate in project marketing interviews as requested.


  • Demonstrate motivation in seeking new responsibilities and challenges.
  • Set goals, prioritize, and plan work activities for self-management and use time efficiently.
  • Estimate project schedule and project phase hours for assigned tasks and finish tasks within agreed upon budget hours for said task(s).
  • Manage projects, budgets, schedules, staffing, and coordinate billing as requested.
  • Collaborate with design and production staff, construction administrator, and consultants.
  • Work to keep projects within designed work plans; contribute to firm profits and revenues, and use resources effectively.
  • Understand contractual liabilities as they relate to projects including fee calculations,
  • Assist in the preparation of plans of action with their supervisor for resolving project related problems.
  • Ensure that project conforms to contractual agreement with client, meeting all set budgets, goals, and work assignments for their project team that clearly defines project expectations.  
  • Have a complete understanding and be proficient with all Ruhnau Clarke Architects’ office & project practices; provide input on ways to improve processes and practices.
  • Participate in project design charrettes.
  • Support design team and ensure Ruhnau Clarke Architects’ design philosophy is followed through all phases of the project.
  • Integrate design principles with project design team and maintain design integrity through all phases of the project.
  • Promote design quality and design collaboration.
  • Collaborate with project design team lead during the programming, planning, and feasibility analysis phase of the project as requested. 
  • Coordinate with government agencies, utility companies, and resolve plan check and approval issues with all governing agencies that have jurisdictional authority over the project.
  • Review documents to ensure the clients’ and Ruhnau Clarke Architects’ minimum standard of quality, coordination, and compliance with the requirements of deliverables in all phases of a project.
  • Guide and direct project team and consultants for appropriate materials and systems.
  • Review documents for code compliance in all phases and issue code interpretations.
  • Review cost estimates and conduct value analysis.
  • Review and approve changes in collaboration with the project design team and client.
  • Supervise and resolve issues in preparation of construction documents.
  • Demonstrate capabilities to support Construction Manager during the Construction Administration phase of the project.
  • Responsible for the coordination and completeness of the construction drawings and specifications. 

We will consider candidates that require VISA transfer/sponsorship for this position.


This job is posted by a staffing firm/recruiter/third party agency.


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