May Architecture

Founded in 2006, May Architecture was created to pursue innovative projects across multiple fields and areas. To that end, our commissions span a wide range of project types and sizes, from large custom residential projects to commercial office space to food service to healthcare to education and institutional design. We believe that experience in a wide range of project types, rather than specialization, brings the best innovative ideas to each project.

Our practice is founded on the belief that the client’s individual needs are the drivers for the process – and therefore, we strive to provide exceptional client service throughout all phases of each project. Each new building is a unique challenge to be solved, calling for a customized process to lead to a distinctive solution tailored to our client.

We pride ourselves on bringing together exceptional design with technical soundness – a rarity in today’s market. For us, a successful project is one that not only creates a unique design, but also meets our client’s functional needs, schedule, and budget.