OJMR is a Los Angeles based architecture and interior design firm that aspires to create tranquil, contemplative, and intimate site-specific spaces that balance light, material, and space. Founded in 1994 by Jay M. Reynolds, AIA, the multi-disciplinary firm brings innovation, design excellence and precision, and an in-depth understanding of construction, project management, and technology to the forefront. The firm’s portfolio includes single and multi-family residential homes, restaurants, commercial office and mixed-use buildings, retail stores, educational campuses, sports and cultural venues, urban design, and master planning across the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

OJMR synergizes architectural design, construction methods, budgetary analysis, and brand strategies to enhance each project. Under the direction of Jay Reynolds, the firm utilizes cutting-edge technology including 3D software to explore architectural forms and create seamless processes. OJMR often oversees the entire project, from design through construction, for private residential clients.  The interior design division specializes in creating and refreshing hospitality concepts including restaurants, cafes, bars, lounges, and marketplaces. The look, feel, and function of each element are carefully considered when designing a space that exceeds guests’ expectations and celebrates the client's vision.

A global network of engineers, construction companies, specialty vendors, and service consultants augment the in-house team, resulting in a networked “virtual” office able to meet the demands of clients from around the world.