Henderson Engineers

Henderson through the years

The 47—year history of Henderson is one of smart, thoughtful, and tenacious people working alongside our clients and the people they serve and represent. Throughout the years, we have lived our company’s motto: “Work Hard. Play Hard. Give Back.”

Delivering industry—recognized work while also making time to hang out with each other and our clients. We’re known for our annual golf tournaments, corporate sporting challenges, community volunteering, and employee events centered around food, beer, and competition — or some mix of the three. It’s why our employees love working for us and why our clients choose us over and over again.

At its core, our business is about creating spaces for people to thrive. In part, that means we work collaboratively to design and construct a building. But there is also a significant human element ingrained into this process — it’s not simply about creating physical spaces. It’s about creating personal spaces for interaction. That’s why we design with the end user in mind and make sure we provide a better experience for them in the spaces we help create.

Our business is also about our people and their interactions to deliver a project. That’s why our project management structure centers around conversation; then we count on our people to do the rest. And they do — listening to each client’s distinct needs and then empowering our people to deliver a solution. Qualities like integrity, authenticity, resourcefulness, and innovation are the building blocks of a successful customer experience with us. Our customer experience process defines a consistent framework for these qualities to shine through.